How to get bitcoin free On Puzzlebitcoin

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PuzzleBitcoin consists of 5 sites: PuzzeBitcoin, PuzzeBitcoin2, PuzzeBitcoin3, PuzzeBitcoin4 and PuzzeBitcoin5 are essentially the same.

Please enter "Bitcoin Address" you or in the box that I give red and click Login. (for the unlisted at please click here) Once you log in to the PuzzleBitcoin website you are instantly presented with a picture of a Puzzle, there are 4 colors available: Puzzle colored blue, yellow, green and red.

In this game you just follow the existing word, currently I get the word "" G "" "r " "" e "" e "" n "" "Then I will click the Green or green color Puzzle.

Next to the green color will disappear you have completed the first task and then you will complete the task to 2 IE you in the click on the word "" "y " e "" "l " l "o " "w " "". Do the above, click the Yellow or yellow colored Puzzle image then finish your 2nd task

Next word * * b * * * l * * * u * * * e * directly you guys click Blue or blue colored Puzzle, finish your 3rd task.

The last task is the word--R-E-D-, you just click the Red or red-colored Puzzle DONE... Task is done, wait 4 second.....

Next view will appear box reCHAPTHA, select the same as written above "street sign " and VERIFY finished all your tasks

And you'll click CLAIM REWARD to get your prize.

DONE Satoshi you already kept safe in PurseFaucet or some kind of wallet to save your Satoshi.

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